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“Modini focuses on pushing boundaries, taking a non-standard approach to our clients’ greatest problems and delivering the outcomes which are key to their success.” 
Nick Sharpe, CEO

Modini provide decision makers who have vast experience in delivering aviation and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) projects and programmes, across a number of sectors in complex and nuanced situations. We champion ex-military personnel who possess an integrity and work ethic which offers unrivalled focus on delivering the task in hand.

The core team offers the optimum blend of skills that are essential for honest and reliable programme delivery. Our holistic delivery solutions are further enhanced by some of the brightest military minds, providing the problem-solving and ambitious attitude that forms the basis of Modini’s ethos.

Motivated by a desire to find solutions to our clients’ problems, we are flexible, agile, capable and output-driven. In providing a critical, cross-sector analytical framework from the outset, Modini has the ability to deliver a unique, non-standard approach to each and every problem, regardless of scale. We are dedicated to overcoming our clients’ obstacles and delivering long-lasting results.

Our ethos

Our business is about helping people deliver the right outcome for the most complex problems. Our ethos therefore reflects how we optimise our team to deliver this. Our people operate as part of a fully integrated team, standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients, delivering the end solution as one single entity. Our selection process ensures we employ and invest in those who have natural alignment to a core set of values, primarily Trust, Integrity, Leadership and Sustainability.

Proudly supporting the Armed Forces

Modini actively supports veterans, and abide by the Armed Forces Covenant. We will always offer assistance and an interview to every veteran who approach us.


In addition, we will always have a member of our board residing on the board of a veterans’ charity, so that we can actively assist those in need.


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Supporting the environment

Modini has recently passed 1,000 trees we’ve planted with Ecologi.  
Ecologi facilitate the funding of carbon offset projects and tree planting around the world, and have a mission to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year.  
As businesses and as individuals, we can help tackle the biggest threat of our generation.


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Carbon reduction plan

Modini is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030.

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