Aviation market analysis

Aviation market analysis

Aviation analysis

"Your analysis was absolutely spot on, and it’s for that reason that you have been invited back again."



Within 5%
of final contract

in 3 days


The challenge

A global aviation service provider required an independent review of the UK aviation market prior to submitting a bid. They had a fair knowledge of the opposition they were up against, but needed a critical and independent analysis: which assets would meet the bid requirement, which delivery model provided the best outcome, and what the likely costs would be.  

Modini received the requirements brief over the telephone, and were able to assimilate all the key tenets required through their network and open source intelligence without exposing who they were supporting.

Key benefits

  • Rapid mobilisation of the analysis team
  • Accurate analysis of the solution
  • Leveraged our extensive network
  • Provided timely information at the highest level

The Modini solution

Modini analysed the broad bid requirement, which needed to offer an airborne search capability up to 1,200 Nm from UK shores with an ability to loiter. A full assessment of all aircraft characteristics was undertaken against the required performance envelope, which presented a handful of aircraft that were able to deliver. Modini then searched the CAA register for operators who owned and operated the aircraft deemed suitable which provided the five companies most likely to bid, as well as some wildcards. Each company was interrogated and evidence produced as to their strategic alliances with other providers that would make them serious contenders.  


Modini built a full cost analysis, where each operator had a ROM cost built from first principles (personnel, asset management, infrastructure etc). This was turned around in only three days.

Modini predicted the winner

Through detailed and critical analysis, Modini successfully predicted the winner. Not only who, but also an assessment of which assets would be utilised (including the exact aircraft tail numbers), which payload systems they would employ and from where they would operate. Modini’s financial estimates were within 5% of the contract award price of the company who ultimately won.

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