Global logistics delivery

Global logistics delivery


"Within three days of being notified of the programme, Modini provided experts with unquestionable pedigree, and within eight days of initial contact, mobilised their delivery team. Highly capable, reactive and trustworthy."


Rob Hammond, MD



8 days
to effect

The challenge for Chalham

Chalham had been tasked with handling a revolutionary recyclable virus-testing system in the UK to rapidly test for COVID-19. They were then asked by their client to take this specialist product to Asia.

Rolling out a new system overseas, involving local proven subcontractors and returning Class 2 biohazard waste to the UK for recycling, would require logistical expertise which Chalham did not have.

Key benefits

  • Critical analysis of the issue
  • Definable effects-based plan
  • Rapid mobilisation
  • Demonstrable track record in safe delivery

The Modini solution

The Modini Programme Management Office (PMO) initially provided an economist and programme-level logistician who specialised in rapid deployment and subcontracts. The follow-on team provided cross-continent expertise for the safe handling of a clinical product, as well as negotiating with key in-country stakeholders, such as Customs and Excise, HMRC, international shipping organisations, insurance brokers and land-based transport companies. This end-to-end logistics solution provided above-market outputs with a zero rate of safety incidents throughout.

Rapid deployment

In order for Chalham to process their revolutionary COVID-19 test kits without delay, Modini were required to deploy a programme delivery team comprising specialist logistics and commercial expertise within eight days. Modini delivered the expert team who provided the assurance, oversight and contractual management for medical waste couriers throughout MENA and SE Asia. Modini also owned the international shipping delivery solution which supported Chalham’s UK facility where the necessary decontamination and sterilisation of used capsules was carried out.

Delivery phases

Timing was the critical factor as countries ramped up their COVID-19 testing requirements. Delivering, recovering and processing Class 2 clinical waste on three continents became a highly complex logistical problem, for which there were two phases:


Modini mobilised their strategic leadership team immediately to carry out a technical review of the situation. The key considerations were:

  • Needing Modini personnel in Asia without delay but with the difficulty of lengthy self-isolation requirements
  • The packaging, storing and transporting back to the UK of used capsules as Class 2 biohazard waste
  • If capsules returning to the UK were lost or leaked the virus it would be deemed a strategic failure
  • It can take time for people to buy into an unknown product
  • The contracts for subcontractors needed delicate negotiation, five of which required legal language specialists

Programme delivery

  • The PMO was mobilised as part of a fully integrated project team and in-country experts were recruited
  • Meetings with the local teams in Asia were carried out virtually, but working with individuals highly adept at understanding and owning the risk enabled a full-spectrum delivery
  • Modini provided the end-to-end security management to ensure no breaches in security took place and that the Class 2 biohazard waste was handled appropriately
  • Team cohesion underpinned the success of the project

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