Revolutionising construction technology

Revolutionising construction technology


"MMC is paving the way in reducing overheads, time and importantly our carbon footprint. Modini were able to analyse and set up a bespoke delivery team for this novel technology."


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The challenge

Modini’s client had created a new product designed to modernise building construction, using modular design technology which enabled individual units to be manufactured off-site. The focus was primarily hospitals and schools, which had similar requirements in size, footfall, utilities and cost constraints. This patented technology offered an industry-leading solution, but the client had no experience in bringing it to market, where multiple stakeholders held IP, and the supply chain had not been defined.

Key benefits

  • Core expertise in commercial management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Supply chain sub-contract management
  • Ownership of the logistic chain

The Modini solution

Modini mobilised an initial team of infrastructure programme managers, quantity surveyors and economists to develop a business case that enabled external investment by creating a specialist purpose vehicle (SPV) for delivery. As part of the SPV, Modini built the supply chain using local companies who specialised in steel manufacture. The logistics management was run by the project team, driving efficiencies across the programme between the manufacturers, assembly plant and end customers.

During the initial stages, Modini also wrote the supplementary business case which ultimately led to UK government funding the follow-on programme. The product offers a cost saving of 30-35% and reduces construction time by an average of 15% for buildings of modular construction.

Specialist commercial expertise

From the outset, Modini identified that the key drivers to success sat with the interested parties who jointly owned the IP. It was agreed from the early stages that Modini would build a business case that enabled the interested parties to benefit from a cheaper product which secured their place in the market.


Modini navigated the commercial framework, built the SPV on behalf of the client, and were asked to act as their delivery partner, running the sub-contracts and logistics packages on their behalf.

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