Defence commercial expertise

Defence commercial expertise

MS Instruments

"It is a tribute to Modini that the negotiations, award and delivery have been achieved within the stipulated timeframe – something which would not have otherwise been possible."


Paul Everington, MD

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The challenge for MS Instruments

MS Instruments is an engineering and technology company specialising in the design and manufacture of live-fire training equipment and ballistic instrumentation. They needed expertise and guidance to help them navigate the legislation and procedures essential to win a prominent contract under the Single Source Contract Regulations. They lacked the in-house expertise to build the relevant programme and commercial management solution, which required a detailed Integrated Logistics Solution, Training Needs Analysis, and Safety Case.

Key benefits

  • Critical analysis – maximum impact to get to the heart of the matter inside the complex single source regulations
  • Clinical delivery – project experts with significant MoD experience


The Modini solution

Modini completed a detailed analysis and brought in the necessary legal and commercial expertise to review the situation. Modini set up a project team to manage the complex commercial issues and to act on behalf of MS Instruments during the final negotiations with the end client. Having built the financial model and commercial case, Modini successfully negotiated all aspects of the contract in MS Instruments’ favour and were taken forward as the Project Delivery Team.


Modini continues to deliver programme management, commercial delivery and reporting, financial reporting, engineering support and analysis on the project deliverables. We also oversee the logistic management database and delivery of the Integrated Logistics Solution including reliability, obsolescence and system disposal.

Seamless organisational support

Modini’s accurate analysis on the procurement process outlined the likely challenges that MS Instruments would face. Our delivery team (including Modini’s defence team, economists and commercial experts) operated as a fully integrated partnership which ensured that MS Instruments were able to successfully deliver the programme through the global CV-19 pandemic.

Delivery phases

This project consisted of three phases:


Modini’s meticulous upfront analysis on the procurement process and details of the likely challenges that MS Instruments would face, together with the exceptional delivery team (including Modini’s defence team, economists and commercial experts) provided seamless support and guidance to ensure MS Instruments were able to successfully win the contract and deliver on the programme within the given timeframe.

Contract support 

After being awarded the contract, Modini mobilised a project team to manage the integrated logistic support, commercial management, subcontract management and forecast of outturn. In addition, Modini managed the daily stakeholder activities and management of the supply chain to deliver the product on time.

Project delivery 

Modini operated without setback despite difficulties caused by COVID-19 restrictions in the UK and issues caused by the Brexit transition period. This ensured a pathway was managed across the European supply chain enabling the primary delivery timeline to be met.

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