Complex programme delivery

A country must be able to, as a minimum, defend itself. However, the ambition for world peace continues to be a significant driver in global politics, and nations are becoming more willing to stand against international infringements by third parties against its neighbour, either geographically or as a part of an alliance. In offering this capability, the defence sector continues to push technological boundaries to ensure that they can overmatch those of an adversary. Focus is switching from mainstream asset-based capability into both the cyber and space domains, which have seen significant organic growth in recent years. However, the core capabilities of a sea, land and air force are still essential in today’s arsenal and as such, so is the need to design, build, test and integrate in increasingly more constrained and complex environments where data has become the common thread.


Modini’s collective defence experience ranges from logistics, aviation, equipment, procurement, personnel, as well as front line operational delivery on all major continents. Our network is significant, having worked extensively across the UK defence sector as well as UN, NATO and US DoD. We are known for our expertise in an extensive range of programme support capabilities, from Single Source Contracting for ballistic training systems, across major infrastructure delivery and onto deployed operations as a CONDO force.

Modini delivers full spectrum expertise to SMEs and Defence Primes alike, understanding, designing and delivering complex programmes for both home and deployed opportunities, in a number of operational theatres.

Modini offers:

  • Professional services support inside government frameworks
  • Single Source Contract Regulation (SSCR) expertise
  • Security-cleared personnel
  • Access to UK and NATO project teams
  • Project management and delivery
  • Integrated Logistics Solutions (ILS)
  • Sub-contract management 
  • Commercial expertise aligning to HM Treasury (HMT) Green Book

Digital technology is reshaping the nature of combat and the nature of business, and defence companies need to transform nearly every aspect of how they operate in order to compete. Companies need to relentlessly embed new technologies into their products and services, and into the ways that they bring new products to the market


PWC’s ‘Defence trends 2020: Investing in a digital future’ report, forming part of their 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey

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