Digital infrastructure

Digital infrastructure

Active hyper-connectivity

Digital Infrastructure is defining the way people interact. Advances in this technology have seen steady progression across the globe as mobile telecommunications and wireless connectivity remain as the lifeline for many dislocated communities. The global pandemic demonstrated that much more can be achieved through efficient digital connectivity, and whilst it does not replace the benefits of human interaction, it offers significantly more versatility for individuals to work remotely. Bandwidth is a tradeable commodity, and current digital roll-out strategies are starting to discriminate against those who cannot afford it. Digital poverty continues to be a major concern for local authorities, especially those who suffer from higher unemployment or an aging population. The ability to connect communities and enterprises is the answer to reducing this digital divide. At its core, a ground-based fibre network that underpins all mobile connectivity is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive to install.


Modini has extensive knowledge of the hardware requirements, network parameters, software configuration and network control which enable future systems to be installed and managed efficiently. Our support to service providers, network operations delivery and hardware manufacturers has been varied and we maintain deep-rooted expertise in the role-out of dynamic systems such as private LTE and LTE-M, MIMO, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN and DASH7 as well as MNO 3-5G options.

Our focus currently is on enhancing UK fibre networks, delivery of 5G, and the provision of superior communication network architecture with our inhouse software engineers, and in the delivery of private networks.

Modini offers:

  • Network operations centre (NOC) architecture
  • Operation and management of software
  • Design and implementation of infrastructure
  • Commercial set up of special purpose vehicles (SPV) supported by external investment
  • Programme delivery with a dedicated Programme Management Office (PMO) 
  • Access to hardware and infrastructure delivery companies
  • Expertise on Ofcom regulations and compliance

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to modernise digital infrastructure networks. We expect that this will create new investment opportunities… Digital infrastructure is a rapidly evolving yet often overlooked asset class, backed by resilient income streams… It has an essential role to play in promoting future economic growth, with cities that under-invest likely to lose global competitiveness.


Schroeder’s 2020 article ‘Why digital infrastructure could emerge stronger from Covid-19

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