RPAS Engineering

RPAS Engineering

Pioneering technology advancement

The UK is a world leader in RPAS engineering innovation. Maintaining this global position is essential  and to that end Modini focuses on providing multi-disciplinary teams aligned to key industry sectors. We provide an extensive offering to our clients, from providing targeted support to enabling complex engineering assurance to offering complete turnkey solutions.

Modini reliably supports SME companies on their complex engineering tasks from designing folding helicopter rotor blade systems to writing the code for an underwater communications system. Modini’s robust quality management system ensures we meet our consistently high standards. We believe in bringing lasting value to any problem, aligning technical expertise with innovation. Our team are adept at looking at the whole lifecycle of a solution with engineers, technologists and non-technical stakeholders, providing collaborative and creative solutions to our clients. We can operate on projects as distinct teams with specific targeted support, or as a part of a fully integrated project team where problems are shared, solutions are designed and success is a joint achievement.


Our core expertise includes:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Software engineering
  • System engineering
  • Engineering project management
  • Establishing robust engineering functions
  • Design engineering
  • Technical engineering programme management
  • Supply chain management
  • Subcontract commercial support

Engineering and Construction firms are poised to take advantage of bright spots emerging for the industry that could facilitate recovery… To remain competitive, E&C firms should accelerate their digital transformation to accommodate many of the workplace changes brought on by COVID-19. Increasing the use of prefabrication and modularization could also be a way forward for many firms. And, while the [Covid-19] pandemic is likely to affect growth in 2020, it has highlighted the need for building a strong ecosystem for E&C firms to emerge stronger from these uncertain times.


Deloitte’s 2020 ‘Midyear engineering and construction industry outlook’


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