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Modini is a professional services company, delivering projects on behalf of clients in the aviation, maritime, defence and infrastructure sectors, specialising in novel or complex technological integration and development. Our multi-discipline teams have vast experience in running specialist projects and major programmes.  


Our business is about helping people deliver the right outcome for their biggest challenges.

Our approach is fundamentally different

We work as part of a fully integrated team, solving the toughest challenges with a focus and determination which is driven from our military heritage. Our skill is bringing the brightest minds together, delivering mission orientated goals either as an advisor, or as the team who are fully responsible for its delivery.

We guarantee our results by aligning our fees to your outcomes.

How can Modini help you?

Modini start with an analysis which offers a clear, concise and tailored information suite. We recognise that an agile, focused and dedicated delivery team will offer the value that the big corporates cannot, and guarantee to never outstay our welcome. We bring military precision, adaptability and flexibility to nuanced situations, delivering long-lasting results for your organisation.


Why choose Modini?


Clarity in decision making

Projects and programmes are usually plagued by inability to act or make decisions in the best interests of all parties.


Modini staff are all trained to make those decisions, offering transparency and clarity across their domain, delivering unparalleled results on output-based milestones.


No unnecessary risk

Cutting corners is not an option. We have a flawless track record of identifying and managing risks having delivered complex, multi-faceted programmes.


Our risk management protocols ensure your business is not compromised in the pursuit of a solution.


Guaranteed results

Analysis - Logic - Momentum

are the fundamental building blocks for outcome-based activities. Our approach and delivery method is critical to the success of our company, as we contract for deliverables and outputs across our portfolio.


We sell solutions – not people. 

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